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Arnold is too scared to go to the doctor after he suffers appendicitis, but his fear goes away when he meets a young girl named Alice who is having her tonsils out, and they plan to share a room together in the hospital.

However, her father (Dabney Coleman) decides against it when he finds out Arnold is black, and Mr.

With Arnold's help, Willis gets everyone out of the house so he and his girlfriend Charlene can make love for the first time.

However, when the moment occurs, things don't go as smoothly as he expected.

In order to get Arnold off his back, he sets up a fake robbery at his job so Arnold can save him and even the score.

Note: Lisa Whelchel and Mindy Cohn (from The Facts of Life) guest star as Blair and Natalie, respectively.

Arnold is adamant about not wanting a pesky young girl (Monika Furness) at his birthday party, but things become serious when he finds out the girl is very sick, so he pays her a visit at the hospital to cheer her up.

When Arnold becomes suspicious, and happens to notice Mr. When he starts to remember details about Kimberly and not about Willis and Arnold, they decide to leave and go back to Harlem. Drummond bribes a hard-nosed football coach (Greg Mullavey) into letting Arnold join the team by buying new uniforms for them, but he regrets his decision when he finds out how the coach is motivating the kids. Drummond doesn't want Willis to see his girlfriend Charlene because it's interfering with his schoolwork, so the two make secret arrangements to be together.

Drummond's will, he jumps to the wrong conclusion and thinks that Mr. Arnold wants to impress Tootie with his "riches" when the Drummond family goes on a trip, so he and Willis go to the bank to make a withdrawal, but the two of them along with Mr. Note: Janet Jackson makes her first appearance on the show as Charlene Du Prey.

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Arnold gets reassurance from Kathy when he plays Abraham Lincoln in a school play, but when he tries to get her to use her crutches instead of sitting in a wheelchair, she is furious and blows his confidence before showtime.